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Al Allam Cleaning Services W.L.L is a leading provider of professional residential and commercial cleaning services in Doha, Qatar since 2010. Upon establishment Al Allam Cleaning Services has been continuously developing its people towards excellence in all aspects of service rendering and over the years we have been adding varying level of services to cope with the ever changing demands of clients. Housekeeping services through our maid cleaners, Commercial cleaning services utilizing janitorial crews, pest control services and HVAC maintenance services are among the capabilities of Al Allam cleaning.

We envision Al Allam Cleaning Services W.L.L as the preferred and acknowledged services provider in the whole of Qatar, empowering our clients using our established efficient, system based best practices of rendering professional cleaning services. We are committed to quality, motivated by strong drive to meet our client’s demands and aspiring to be the employer of choice in the industry.

Al Allam Cleaning Services W.L.L is consisting of people sharing the same passion with the company, pushing the company forward to its goals of becoming the industry leader in professional residential and commercial cleaning services. Our employees are professionally supervised, fully trained and communicates effectively to accomplish various client’s requirements. Our maid cleaners are among the industries best in providing housekeeping needs. Our janitorial services crew are the most capable doing the heavy lifting for commercial cleaning needs. We have technically qualified pest control professionals that can protect both homes and office establishments and HVAC technicians who can maintain your air conditioning needs both in the homes or offices. We are Al Allam Cleaning Services W.L.L, one of the top services provider in Doha, Qatar that specializes in residential and commercial cleaning services. Our system of cleaning, products, equipment and proven industry experience have given us the ability to make your home or establishment cleaner and healthier than ever before. Our well trained housekeepers, capable janitor services crews, state-of-the art equipment and our unique cleaning process provide customers an affordable line of home cleaning services that cannot be matched anywhere else.

Feeling stressed for not having the time for family, rest and recreation due to piling house cleaning tasks, our housekeepers will make you feel you are on vacation. We can assure you that your furniture, appliances, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or any part of your home a comfortable place to be for your family, friends and visitors.

Understaffed, or just lack the needed manpower to handle your establishment’s cleaning needs, our janitorial services crew are the best choice you have. We can assure you that they can handle any tasks you require to make your office clean and ready for your customers and visitors.

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Address: Villa No. 41, Street 924, Zone 46
P.O. Box: 63459 Al Thumama, Doha, Al Thumama (Doha), Doha

Mobile No. : 70699241
Phone : 44120441
Fax Number : 44120029
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